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Welcome to Life Without Borders

An upcoming television series featuring the films of today’s innovators, outliers, and adventurers. Weekly half hour episodes addressing the questions that have driven exploration – forever.

What We’re Looking For

Independently produced films, focused on adventure, exploration, and personal journeys. Stories with a strong personal narrative of discovery and transformation. And a willingness to collaborate to bring your best work to television.

Who We Are

Ric Gibbs brings more than 20 years experience writing and producing feature films and television for major studios and networks including Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal, Fox, NBC, and USA. He and his partners in LIFE WITHOUT BORDERS have a deep dedication to high quality work and have helped writers and filmmakers create successful projects across every genre.

Have a great project? Contact us at Xpedition.TV at gmail.

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Who’s Working With Us?

In 2013, dozens of adventure filmmakers contributed work to an online film competition at XpeditionTV.

So many great films, in fact, that we rededicated ourselves to creating a series that would bring these kinds of stories to televsion.

Early Contributors to Life Without Borders



Inquiries about the LIFE WITHOUT BORDERS series can be made by emailing RicGibbs at my gmail box.